100 klst. Yin Yoga Kennaranám/Yin Fascial Yoga Teachers Training - 3. júní 2020

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100 klst. Yin Yoga Kennaranám/Yin Fascial Yoga Teachers Training - 3. júní 2020

220 000 ISK 03.06.20 - 08:00 - 13.06.20 - 17:00

Yoga Shala Reykjavík kynnir 100 klst. Yin Fascial Yoga Kennaranám með Beta Lisboa og Sai Calder. (English below)

Námið samanstendur af tveimur 50 klst. námskeiðum sem gefa nemendum ítarlegan skilning á aðferðum til að losa um áföll/spennu úr mjúkbandvef líkamans. Farið verður í Yin Yoga, 5 líffæra þætti (5 elements Organ), Orkustöðvarnar, Qigong, heilbrigði Vagus taugarinnar og margt fleira (sjá neðar) með áherslu á heilun og úrvinnslu fyrirstaða og áfalla. Fyrri 50 klst. snúa meira að efnis líkamanum og hinn síðari að orku líkamanum.

Þetta er 100 klst. nám sem er hluti af DSYFYoga námi og er viðurkennt YACEP nám.

Námið fer fram á ensku.
Hvar: Yoga Shala Reykjavik, Skeifan 7, 108 Reykjavík.
Hvenær: Frá 3.-7. júní og 9.-13. júní frá 8:00-12:00 og 13:00-17:00 alla dagana. Hlé verður einn dag, 8. júní áður en seinni hluti námsins tekur við.
Verð: 220.000 kr. ISK

The training will be in english.
Where: Yoga Shala Reykjavik, Skeifan 7, 108 Reykjavík.
When: From 3.-7. June and 9.-13. June from 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00. There will be one rest day, 8th of June, between the first and second half of the training. 
Price: 220.000 kr. ISK

Nánar um námið (á ensku):


This Yin Fascial Yoga teacher training combines the studies and practice of Myofascial release and 5 elements Qigong into the Yin Fascial Yoga perspective, aiming the healing of the held Trauma on the fascial and organ system. This is an investigation into the physical body incorporating the Myofascial release and 5 Elements Qigong as a framework for our research into Yin Yoga, taking us deep to release our psycho - somatic imprints caused by traumatic events throughout our lifetime.
This dedicated training teaches students how to effectively release restrictions that are present at the body’s physical and energetic level, release and reprogram the body’s holding patterns, increasing health on a cellular level and conditioning the myofascial system. It will give students a thorough understanding of the importance of the integration of Myofascial Release techniques and 5 elements Qigong to their Yoga practice and teachings. The understanding and practice to keep the Vagus nervous heath able to play its role in the favor of the relaxation pattern.

What is this training about?

-Bringing together Myofascial Release, Yin Yoga and TCM 5 elements Qigong for a complete system of Yin Fascial Yoga.
-Learning and practicing how to structure sequences for an effective and personalised Yin Fascial Yoga class healing the fascial tissues from traumatic events TCM 5 elements lectures
understanding of fascial anatomy and physiology.
-Understanding of the superficial fascial lines and it’s application into Yin Yoga postures.
-Understanding fascia and organs from 5 elements Qigong practices.
-Becoming familiar with the quality of the connective tissue by practicing Myofascial Release adjustments into the postures.
-Release Myofascial tensions with Cupping.
-Learning the relationships of the organs and meridians and their application to Yin Yoga.
-Understanding the Fascial areas that are affected by blockages in the TCM Meridian and Organ System.


This training is about an in depth study of energetics of Fascia and 5 elements Qigong combined applied to Yin Fascial Yoga for complete practice and teachings.
We will explore the energetic quality of the Chakra and TCM meridian system throughout it’s emotional, physical & Psychological development.
This is an understanding of how trauma is stored in the fascial system using the knowledge of the chakras and meridian as healing modality. A very important piece of this program in relation to understand and feel Fascia!

What is this training about?

-Understanding Trauma release related to fascia.
-Lectures on Chakra development and it’s relationship to yin yoga.
-Knowledge on TCM Meridians and Organ system relationships to health.
-Learning how to center and Cultivate our energy body with Qigong.
-Learning how to Circulate energy through the meridians and Microcosmic Orbit.
-Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous system with Embryonic Breathing.
-Understanding how to Energetically cleanse the Organs and Meridians.
-Using Acupoints to open and stimulate the Organs and Meridians.
-The art of teaching – How to teach with confidence and hold a safe space in the yoga room.
-Mindfulness meditation practice to help hold a mindful space in the practice.
-Yin Fascial Yoga sequences related to Chakras and meridians.
-5 elements Qigong sequences applied to YFY practice.
-Applied energetic Fascia Anatomy and physiology.
-A self-transformation practice.

About the teachers:

Beta Lisboa & Sai Calder
Beta and Sai didn’t meet by chance. When a life is dedicated for the expansion of the awareness and seek of the true Self, we create space for the soulmates to meet and complement their journey. Beta and Sai are the example of how true this magic is all about.
Coming from different schools and backgrounds, which complement each other, turns this training as a unique, powerful, vibrant, rich and an incredible tool for your transformation to grow as a human being or as a facilitator of this experiences. What distinguishes their teachings is a deep, steady, regular, devoted practice which provides the empirical, cognitive and intellectual knowledge to pass on to the students. This constellation of lifestyle and mastery, provides the trainees with the tools to step out of the box, overcoming the belief programs that obstacle the Self to thrive.
From the traditions of the Indian Yoga, to the majesty of the Chinese Culture, they blend a mix of teachings which offer a medicine for a life changing, powerful yet grounding transformation. Both teachers have a very supportive yet smooth approach that will guide you into a powerful heart opening work into self-realisation.
The vision of working together producing healing workshops and trainings came with grace as they started to travel the world sharing their passion. Bali, Portugal, Sweden, Holland, Poland, Thailand, Goa and many more. The results of more then 5 years spreading this teachings together has translated in more then 500 students who attended the training and became teachers, healers and facilitators around the world.
«A divine growth and expansion on knowledge, practice, teachings and a life’s sharing together», as Beta defines it. The aim is to continue guiding people to reconnect with their bodies, how to live a present, joyful and peaceful life.

Sai Calder
Sai has been studying and working with the body and it’s energy system, in relation to health and medicine in movement for over 20 years.
His journey to self-discovery started at a young age of 13 when he as a teenager shared precious time with a Benedictine monk who taught philosophy and planted the seeds for a spiritual practice in Sai. At 17 his star connected him with a Daoist master who introduced him to the principles and techniques of the philosophy. Traveling for the first time to India in 1996, he would dive in the yoga and meditation world.
This encounters would aligned him at a very tender age with his dharma. «For as long as I can remember I was always watching and feeling the energy patterns of how life was working, of how people communicated to each other and themselves», says Sai. His studies evolved to learn Qigong, Dynamic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Health Coaching, Functional Fascia Training, Chinese Medicine and Resistance Strength Training.
Sai focus in alignment with the aim to offer a framework and direction that’s assists in all functions of the body allowing the mind system to stay free and wash away the weights inflicted by life, releasing to life and become more alive.
In Sai´s words:
“My passion is deepening the unfolding connection to life, through health, awareness, connection to spirit and longevity. I believe our short, precious time on this planet is to be celebrated, by cultivating through, our own personal truth, the light that shines within each of us.”

Beta Lisboa
Beta’s spiritual life purpose began at a very tender age. Inspired by her roots in Brazil, the country she was born, Beta was brought up surrounded by Luso, Afro and Brazilian rituals and worships, all inspired by the spirit of the land, the vibrant tropical nature of the country and its rich History. Beta as a young girl had the perfect constellation to be raised as a spiritual person.
With 9 years old she was connected to her altar, which was full of angels and other shiny beings. Being only 13, Beta started to connect to Allan Kardec’s spiritism and began to understand the cycle of karma and rebirth. Not very long after, a very close family member would introduce her to Osho’s work. «Reading the book of Osho got me intrigued, it was like a whole new Universe opened up to me». The path was set and yoga and meditation came right after and so life took her to India to practice with the biggest yoga Gurus of the contemporary times. After practicing at the recognized Iyengar´s Institute in Pune and in Mysore with Sri K. Pathabi Jois in Mysore, Beta understood the spiritual transformation through the physical mastery of the asanas. Travels took her to Tiruvannamalai, where she became absorbed by the Advaita Vedanta teachings of Ramana Maharshi and other great masters, such as Sri Mooji.
The complement between her South American roots and the Asian travel and studies gave Beta a global understanding about what today is the trend in the conscious world: the fusion of the ancient wisdom from East and West. Due to that Beta has the ability of understanding different worlds and cultures with its feelings and emotions making her healing method efficient, tender and deep.
A refined combination of Yin & Yang Yoga styles, Mindfulness, bodywork, Myofascial Release Therapy, contemporary anatomy studies, Trauma Release breath work, Somatic Experience, eastern and western holistic health perspectives and meditation, they all combine into a complete methodology and transformational tool of Dynamic Spiral and Yin Fascial Yoga.
Beta travels the world with her life companion Sai sharing their teachings and love for a fulfilled and conscious life.
«I’m here to offer a lifelong dedicated experience of spiritual self development techniques, a combination that was a life changing realization for myself, that has brought me here ready to share with you the light»

Meet Beta: https://betalisboa.com/

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